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Model: BNA220
220V - Springbok Model: BNA220 Dimensions: 500 x 550 x 1800 Power: 220V Blade: 2300mm Weight: 45kg..
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Model: BNSW380
380V Model: BNSW380 Dimensions: 850 x 850 x 1800 Power: 380V, 1,5KW Blade: 112” Weight: 200kg..
Model: BNSJ220
220V Model: BNSJ220 Dimensions: 500 x 600 x 1800 Power: 220V, 1,1KW Blade: 2325mm Weight: 70kg..
Model: QS620
Dimensions: 755 X 710 X 940 Weight: 126kg Voltage: 380v Capacity: 20lt..
Model: PSM3300
Platform Size: 295 x 215Weight: 300KG..
Model: PSE1300
Platform Size: 360 x 480Weight: 300kg..
Model: TC42
380V-FLOOR MODEL Model: TC42 Dimensions: 530x 1020 x 950 Power: 380V, 5,5KW Weight: 250kg..
Model: HMG100
HMG100 Patty machine 100..
Model: HMG130
HMG130 Patty Machine 130..
Model: POLO220
Dimensions: 580 x 466 x 420 Power: 220V Blade diameter : 220mm Weight: 25kg..
Model: LBK-30
• Large backlit LCD display• Simple user-friendly operation• Precision load cell technology• Splashproof• Full colour coded keypad with numericentry• Large stainless steel pan• RS-232 bi-directional interface• External calibration..
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